Friday, July 8, 2016

David Letterman Enjoying The Everything Life Has To Offer, And He Deserves It, HM-Stars Hollywood Gossip News.

NBC's Tom Brokaw shares details from his interview with David Letterman about life after "The Late Show." He may come on with a new with a new late night show again, as he already have had 3 and number 3 just got cancelled. First there was "The David Letterman Show" which only ran during 1980, then it was "Late Night with David Letterman" which ran from 1982-1993, then "Late Show with David Letterman" which ran 1993-2015. Maybe he will come out with a 4th show starting this year or maybe 2017? Wow....the way he looks now, you could pass him on the street, and not know it's him......which is probably the way he wants it :)He's a living icon of television. Dave was the master -- razor sharp, quick, dryly funny, absurd, and deeply compassionate when the occasion called for it. I miss him terribly on late night but am so happy that he's enjoying his life to the fullest now. 

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  1. I saw most of his shows . I don't think this guy ever wanted to let the audience down . Coolest of the cool.